Latest update: 23.12.2020:

Seal of Protection for during a LaHoChi treatment:

One unique feature of LaHoChi is an automatic “Seal of Protection” around both the healer and the recipient. This protection guards against low frequency vibrations and ensures that the healer will not absorb any non-harmonious released energies.
A preliminary prayer of intention and the invocation to LaHoChi master which asks for a LaHoChi healing places the Seal of Protection around the practitioner and the person receiving the treatment.
A "prayer" is maybe not the best word for this context because LaHoChi is not a religion. The word prayer in this context refers to a short text which the practitioner reads to create a connection with the LaHoChi energy. During a LaHoChi treatment, like with other types of healing, both the practioner and the receiver receives a LaHoChi healing. Also this type of healing continuously fills the healer with light so there is never a drain to the healer’s energy field.






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