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LAHOCHI, a system of energy healing:

LaHoChi is a type of very powerful energy healing with high frequency light which is given by laying on of hands. LaHoChi is a bit like Reiki, but it's not a type of Reiki. LaHoChi is a different energy and some find it more powerful. However, we all experience it differently.
LaHoChi, spiritual healing energy of higher frequencies allows us to access a better understanding and use of Universal life energy for one self and also to help others with.
LaHoChi allows us to access and integrate the higher vibratory subtle healing energies while opening up to the multidimentional consciousness. LaHoChi restructures and balances the subtle energybodies of one's whole being, especially all types of trauma in the emotional body.
Anyone can learn this simple technique of hands-on energy healing. The more you practice this technique the better you get at moving high frequency healing through you to others. The healing light enters through the crown chakra and is downloaded to the heart chakra. It then flows down through the hands and to the recipient.

LaHoChi history
Specific teachings of LaHoChi were transmitted from the LaHoChi master to a spiritual teacher Satchamar on the 15th of May in 1991. Usually, in general, the Masters are a group consciousness of beings from all religions and traditions. Also LaHoChi Master,the activator of the healing chi and where it comes from, exists in the realm of the cosmic consciousness.

LaHoChi Healing Light





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